Playmobil Project 2014- Behind the scenes:)

Behind the Scenes

Just another day in our Playmobil project

They travelled with us to far away cities, went on long walks, posed in shops, in libraries, on trains, worked in the garden & helped in the kitchen. They spend windy days on the beach, muddy days in the forest & sunny days in the snow.

For 365 days,  they have been close at hand, patiently waiting on the windowsill, until we would take them out into the big, wide world. We’ve spend countless moments laying on the floor, kneeling down on the cold ground; repositioning, reorganizing & recreating our day to day life. Now 2014 is behind us & our colourful Playmobil project has come to an end, leaving us with nothing but all the lovely pictures we took & the memories we made.

At the beginning of this month, my sister & I promised you some exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage……and here it is at last! Unfortunately, there haven’t been many opportunities to take photos of us taking the actual photos, since we only have one camera & my phone is of the old fashioned kind, which means it only knows how to make a phone call…..:)                        But nevertheless, we’ve been able to gather some great images & even found a couple of pictures, which never made it into our weekly update, but which you can see here today!

Hope you enjoy this very last Playmobil update & feel free to follow my new 2015 photo project ‘A photo a day’, which I started at the beginning of this month. And in case you’re new to this blog, please take a moment to have a look at last year’s project. I promise you; it will be worth it…

365 days project – week 52

This is it. The end of the year. The end of a project. All the boxes ticked & all the work is done. We thought a lot of things when we started this project. We thought it would be fun, we were sure it would be challenging at times (and believe me, it was:) & we hoped we would have the determination to finish it. But I guess we never truly imagined how much we would come to love the creativity it brought back into our lives. What a challenge, what a thrill; this wonderful, colorful, creative adventure our friends have taken us on…teaching us how to make extraordinary days out of ordinary days, giving us new ways to look at all those things we thought we had seen, truly seen, so many times before. Taking our daily life, with all its trivial moments & spin it around to make every day unique once again. It’s been a remarkable journey & we can only hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Make sure to stay tuned for a little farewell party tomorrow & some news on next year’s creative plans. We also hope to delight you with some behind the scenes footage & our ‘playmobil-in-real-life pictures’ in the weeks to come.

A happy, healthy, delightful, bright, colorful, exiting & thrilling new year for you all! And hope to meet you back here in 2015!

365 days project – week 51

Rounding off the year; wrapping it up like a little parcel to place underneath a Christmas tree. Hours wonder off into grey, windy days & our friends live these precious moments with their eyes & minds wide open. Listening to the song they love, folding stars from bright yellow paper & discovering new beauty as they go. They sit & wonder about a year gone by, feeling the weight of both the end of something beautiful & the promise of all things new.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s post & don’t forget to come back for our very last update next week:(

365 days project – week 50

Wind blew the days away. Our little friends realized that the end of the year was drawing near. And so, lists were made, in the hope that wishes would still come true in time. Words of wisdom were pinned down on notice boards, in an attempt to capture all of life in a few simple words.
For days the rain poured down, until the sun came out. They found the beach, adventures & the day waiting. And as they walked into that sunny day, they thought of the all the days behind them.
The end of the year; coming closer & closer…..

365 days project – week 49

Grey skies, yet colorful days. Loads to do, but plenty of time to do it. Our friends felt happy & free, as the days grew short around them. Each of them went on a journey. Some wandered far; into green pastures & onto muddy paths. Some made themselves at home at their favorite coffee place. Some sat in the darkness of the theatre & were momentarily taken on away by those who took the stage. Tired, some journeyed in their heads, while others journeyed ahead in time, thinking of days to come & new things to do.

Week 49; spending one day at the time, hour by hour, photos making up our life of many colors. And what a lovely life it is…

365 days project – week 48

Another week gone by & what a wonderful week it was; filled with lovely surprises, muddy walks & delicious treats. A week to recharge, regroup & reboot. Our friends set out on an adventure, made plans for the future, while thoroughly enjoying the present. And boy, did they have a great time….

Hope you will like this week’s update & see you again next week:)

365 days project- week 47

No matter how many wonderful things they tend to bring, new beginnings are hardly ever easy. The fact that a beginning usually goes hand in hand with an ending doesn’t seem to make things any simpler. In week 47 our friends face a few challenges as they move from one place to the next, trading a place that they like for a place they don’t know. And even though they struggle to find their way, they sure try to make the best of it. And so they fall from one feeling into the next; sadness when leaving, triumph when reaching the other side of the garden, uncertainty when starting something new, happiness when the day breaks & mountains of affection for the things they love most.

Hope you like our update & hope to see you again next week!

365 days project- week 46

Outside autumn is stripping the trees bare; leafs gathering in the gutter, branches sticking into grey skies & determined gardeners franticly racking till their arms hurt. Then rain blows in; chasing the leafs & the people away.
Inside our friends turn the heating on, type until till their necks burn, reorganize papers, books & bits of life itself. They sing happy birthday; feeling both grateful & melancholic for the years which passed so beautifully, yet so quickly. Feeling exited & curious for what’s to come.
There is coffee, there are hugs &there is a game to play. And so, clouds & hours pass by .Work awaits, urging our friend to bundle up & cycle into the world outside, where autumn does what autumn does best.

Turn a little light on, pour yourself another steaming cup of tea & enjoy this week’s update!