365 days project- week 47

No matter how many wonderful things they tend to bring, new beginnings are hardly ever easy. The fact that a beginning usually goes hand in hand with an ending doesn’t seem to make things any simpler. In week 47 our friends face a few challenges as they move from one place to the next, trading a place that they like for a place they don’t know. And even though they struggle to find their way, they sure try to make the best of it. And so they fall from one feeling into the next; sadness when leaving, triumph when reaching the other side of the garden, uncertainty when starting something new, happiness when the day breaks & mountains of affection for the things they love most.

Hope you like our update & hope to see you again next week!


One thought on “365 days project- week 47

  1. What a week… the photo scenery’s and all the good, sweet, nice words are guiding me through this week and without being there, I can feel and picture all. Thanks for making me part of your daily/weekly life! Lots of success and I hardly can wait for week 48…. ( makes me realize week 52 is almost there, but I just see on the calender we have an extra half week this year!!)

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