365 days project- week 46

Outside autumn is stripping the trees bare; leafs gathering in the gutter, branches sticking into grey skies & determined gardeners franticly racking till their arms hurt. Then rain blows in; chasing the leafs & the people away.
Inside our friends turn the heating on, type until till their necks burn, reorganize papers, books & bits of life itself. They sing happy birthday; feeling both grateful & melancholic for the years which passed so beautifully, yet so quickly. Feeling exited & curious for what’s to come.
There is coffee, there are hugs &there is a game to play. And so, clouds & hours pass by .Work awaits, urging our friend to bundle up & cycle into the world outside, where autumn does what autumn does best.

Turn a little light on, pour yourself another steaming cup of tea & enjoy this week’s update!

One thought on “365 days project- week 46

  1. Another week with other stories…32 or 22 years… days, weeks, months, years are flying..what’s important and what isn’t?
    Feeling better after some real positive words, ‘pep’talk if you want to call it like that, love Norton for that.
    Love also Wendy, who makes a day a real good day and then I’m always touched by Danny and Adam…enjoy but be aware! Hardly can wait for the next week to come! And a bit late..Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!!!

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