365 days project – week 50

Wind blew the days away. Our little friends realized that the end of the year was drawing near. And so, lists were made, in the hope that wishes would still come true in time. Words of wisdom were pinned down on notice boards, in an attempt to capture all of life in a few simple words.
For days the rain poured down, until the sun came out. They found the beach, adventures & the day waiting. And as they walked into that sunny day, they thought of the all the days behind them.
The end of the year; coming closer & closer…..


One thought on “365 days project – week 50

  1. Yes, the year is almost over and I’m still thinking: How can we keep up with all the adventures in 2015. Just go on or…find another way!?Love the tribute to our clarinet-repairman, love to read all the good advices from Danny and Adam, they are soooo right! and…love the caution from Danny and Adam. And then Wendy and Wilson always so nice to each other…makes me smile because I know they tell so many stories to each other and they enjoy life.
    Two more weeks to come in 2014….Thanks for all the passing weeks!

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