365 days project – week 51

Rounding off the year; wrapping it up like a little parcel to place underneath a Christmas tree. Hours wonder off into grey, windy days & our friends live these precious moments with their eyes & minds wide open. Listening to the song they love, folding stars from bright yellow paper & discovering new beauty as they go. They sit & wonder about a year gone by, feeling the weight of both the end of something beautiful & the promise of all things new.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s post & don’t forget to come back for our very last update next week:(


One thought on “365 days project – week 51

  1. So good and sad to read what happens every day again and again: people looking for a save home: a father, a mother and a child…it’s the news of the day,of this year, the news of the century and we are still not that successful! Nevertheless we celebrate it’s Christmas time and we all remember that special day!
    Love too that you enjoyed Milow so much, that it brings you two so much good to face the week…the coming months!
    Why oh why is this year already over! Lots of love….and hope to meet you next last week!

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