365 days project – week 49

Grey skies, yet colorful days. Loads to do, but plenty of time to do it. Our friends felt happy & free, as the days grew short around them. Each of them went on a journey. Some wandered far; into green pastures & onto muddy paths. Some made themselves at home at their favorite coffee place. Some sat in the darkness of the theatre & were momentarily taken on away by those who took the stage. Tired, some journeyed in their heads, while others journeyed ahead in time, thinking of days to come & new things to do.

Week 49; spending one day at the time, hour by hour, photos making up our life of many colors. And what a lovely life it is…


2 thoughts on “365 days project – week 49

  1. Love your saying: Grey days become great days when you’ve got your friend with you….let’s take that saying with us all the way up to 2015, because I’m sure, more grey days are coming before it’s summer…so we all can use a good friend beside us!
    I was moved already by my day and evening, but on top of that, I was mowed by the Cat and the Hat: You can not find peace by avoiding life (Virginia Woolf) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, fears, hope and love and so much more with all of us. You enrich my life by sharing yours!

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