365 days project – week 52

This is it. The end of the year. The end of a project. All the boxes ticked & all the work is done. We thought a lot of things when we started this project. We thought it would be fun, we were sure it would be challenging at times (and believe me, it was:) & we hoped we would have the determination to finish it. But I guess we never truly imagined how much we would come to love the creativity it brought back into our lives. What a challenge, what a thrill; this wonderful, colorful, creative adventure our friends have taken us on…teaching us how to make extraordinary days out of ordinary days, giving us new ways to look at all those things we thought we had seen, truly seen, so many times before. Taking our daily life, with all its trivial moments & spin it around to make every day unique once again. It’s been a remarkable journey & we can only hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Make sure to stay tuned for a little farewell party tomorrow & some news on next year’s creative plans. We also hope to delight you with some behind the scenes footage & our ‘playmobil-in-real-life pictures’ in the weeks to come.

A happy, healthy, delightful, bright, colorful, exiting & thrilling new year for you all! And hope to meet you back here in 2015!


One thought on “365 days project – week 52

  1. Dear James, The Cat and the Hat, The Three T’s, Alice and Norton, Sami, Wendy and Wilson and Adam and Danny, what a joy and journey it was to follow your daily activities, to be part of almost every moment of those days and that a year around. It’s almost not ‘human’ to say: this is it! So I’m waiting in 2015 to be surprised again at least with some news.
    A good celebration and farewell to all on the last day of 2014 and a sparkling, sunny,save, happy and playful 2015.

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