Playmobil Project 2014- Behind the scenes:)

Behind the Scenes

Just another day in our Playmobil project

They travelled with us to far away cities, went on long walks, posed in shops, in libraries, on trains, worked in the garden & helped in the kitchen. They spend windy days on the beach, muddy days in the forest & sunny days in the snow.

For 365 days,  they have been close at hand, patiently waiting on the windowsill, until we would take them out into the big, wide world. We’ve spend countless moments laying on the floor, kneeling down on the cold ground; repositioning, reorganizing & recreating our day to day life. Now 2014 is behind us & our colourful Playmobil project has come to an end, leaving us with nothing but all the lovely pictures we took & the memories we made.

At the beginning of this month, my sister & I promised you some exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage……and here it is at last! Unfortunately, there haven’t been many opportunities to take photos of us taking the actual photos, since we only have one camera & my phone is of the old fashioned kind, which means it only knows how to make a phone call…..:)                        But nevertheless, we’ve been able to gather some great images & even found a couple of pictures, which never made it into our weekly update, but which you can see here today!

Hope you enjoy this very last Playmobil update & feel free to follow my new 2015 photo project ‘A photo a day’, which I started at the beginning of this month. And in case you’re new to this blog, please take a moment to have a look at last year’s project. I promise you; it will be worth it…


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