Life in 2019

It’s been a year since I last posted anything on this blog, while I once tended to it so carefully. And I am posting all the photos that I failed to share with anyone this past year, I realize that I have missed the feeling of carving out some time to reflect on all life’s passing moments. But at the same time, words won’t come easily as I browse through the images of days gone by, while trying to match words to all the feelings I attempted to capture.

2019 has been a complicated year, for the world, for me & for those I hold dear. It has been filled with both moments of delight & moments of great loss. It’s been a big and beautiful year. It took me to the most astonishing places, it gave me days of quiet happiness & days of grand adventure. It has been a challenging & unpredictable year, a year with ups and down, a year of giving and taking. But more than anything, it has been the year during which I lost a dear friend. A friend who might have been so very small to the world, but who meant so very much to me.

Looking at all the images below, I feel happy & grateful for all that came to pass. All the life I got to live & witness. Grateful for the friend I had all those years & the new friends I made this year. Grateful for a world so colorful & bright. But I can’t help but hope that 2020 will be a little kinder to the soul somehow. A little gentler, maybe…

Dear all, please take care for now, have a great year & keep an eye out for next month post…

Love, Naomi

Life is beautiful

This is my story of 2018. My story of connecting, reconnecting, welcoming & parting.
This is the past years through the eye of this beholder; my humble contribution to the world’s vast collection of imagery.

This is my everyday life. My simple tale of small adventures, close to home & close to heart.
This is the shared intimacy of family; the familiarity of a smile, a scent & a gesture. The thin line between what we share, what we think we share and what we can’t help but share.

This is my beautiful, colorful & fortunate life, stripped down to its bare essentials. Stripped of words, meaning or context.

This is my story & this is me sharing it with you.

Wishing you all a beautiful & unforgettable 2019!