A photo a day – week 11

12) Holland's pride & joy

12) Holland’s pride & joy

Some days

Some days are good days. Some days you see the world in bright multi-colours. You open your eyes to see a red giraffe in the greenest grass, you stack your favourite pencils on a paper before you & you marvel over sunshine painting your room orange at the end of a perfect day. Life is beautiful & you know it. Full of wonder & filled with unexpected moments of great clarity.

Some days are different days. Some days clouds gather in your mind. Some days your inner critic gets up at the exact same hour as you do & wanders into the day with you. Some days it’s hard to see the world in all its colourful splendour. Life is beautiful & you know it. Full of hope & filled with valuable lessons to learn. But nevertheless, you decide to paint the day in colours of black & blue. You pass by the giraffes, you ignore pencils begging for attention & the sun simply sets without a moment of reflection.

Some days are good days. Some days are different days. And all days, no matter whether they are black, blue, yellow, red or green; all days pass. And we wander through all of them, with our multi-coloured minds full of multi-coloured thoughts & multi-coloured worries. We look up & down, high & low. We see a giraffe one day,  see nothing the next. We sharpen our pencils one moment, draw lovely pictures when we feel we can. We see & don’t see the sun setting outside our windows. And we all lay our heads down at the end of this day or that day, hoping with all our heart that tomorrow will be a good day once again….