Life in 2019

It’s been a year since I last posted anything on this blog, while I once tended to it so carefully. And I am posting all the photos that I failed to share with anyone this past year, I realize that I have missed the feeling of carving out some time to reflect on all life’s passing moments. But at the same time, words won’t come easily as I browse through the images of days gone by, while trying to match words to all the feelings I attempted to capture.

2019 has been a complicated year, for the world, for me & for those I hold dear. It has been filled with both moments of delight & moments of great loss. It’s been a big and beautiful year. It took me to the most astonishing places, it gave me days of quiet happiness & days of grand adventure. It has been a challenging & unpredictable year, a year with ups and down, a year of giving and taking. But more than anything, it has been the year during which I lost a dear friend. A friend who might have been so very small to the world, but who meant so very much to me.

Looking at all the images below, I feel happy & grateful for all that came to pass. All the life I got to live & witness. Grateful for the friend I had all those years & the new friends I made this year. Grateful for a world so colorful & bright. But I can’t help but hope that 2020 will be a little kinder to the soul somehow. A little gentler, maybe…

Dear all, please take care for now, have a great year & keep an eye out for next month post…

Love, Naomi

Life is beautiful

This is my story of 2018. My story of connecting, reconnecting, welcoming & parting.
This is the past years through the eye of this beholder; my humble contribution to the world’s vast collection of imagery.

This is my everyday life. My simple tale of small adventures, close to home & close to heart.
This is the shared intimacy of family; the familiarity of a smile, a scent & a gesture. The thin line between what we share, what we think we share and what we can’t help but share.

This is my beautiful, colorful & fortunate life, stripped down to its bare essentials. Stripped of words, meaning or context.

This is my story & this is me sharing it with you.

Wishing you all a beautiful & unforgettable 2019!

This was January, 2018

This was January.

This was searching for sunlight. This was discovering plenty of silver linings at the crack of dawn.

This was tracing & retracing familiar routes. This was regrouping & rediscovering.

January; it was breathing life into fresh resolutions; picking a way through old & new habits. It was weighing the good & the bad. It was being hopeful & determined, but also being kind & gentle, patient & realistic.
This was not reading that one book a month, but it was properly breaking in that new journal. This was not sending everyone a card, but it was sending some postcards with care.

This was January.
Stormy, yet mild January, with golden sunrises, with flocks of birds being propelled through grey, cloudy skies. This was January with the heartbreak of others that quietly turned into heartache of my own. January, with stories from the outside seeping through to the inside. January, with brilliant new tunes, with the distraction of pure poetry that insisted on settling between the collections of beauty that had already gathered in my wandering mind.

This was January.
This was the absence of light. And the abundance of glorious beginnings. This was hardly picking up my camera, this was constantly seeking out the right moment & not always finding it.

This was a gentle start.
A new year.
This was January.

(to be in love with a song 🙂