Autumn Leaves


A photo a day, 2015 – week 43

22) Nature's Artwork

22) Nature’s Artwork

a second
a flower’

Albert Camus

A photo a day, 2015 – week 40

1) Field of sunshine

1) Field of sunshine

October Theme: The Art of Autumn

Autumn; my favourite season of them all. If you ask me, autumn simply has the best of everything. The warmth of summer, the beauty of spring & all the cosiness of winter.
Nature changes rapidly. All around me, trees decorated in festive colours as their leafs go from green, to yellow, to orange, red, brown. The sun casting long shadows, revealing spider webs & casting angel rays on the surface below. The days get shorter, the mornings darker, but the evenings are long & fulfilling. I feel like going into the kitchen the instance the sun goes down, cooking warm soups, hot curries & hearty potpies. I want to gather all the songs I ever loved, memorize all the words I ever learned & dance to it all. I want everything, but at the same time, I want as little as possible.

This is the wonderful season of change; around me & inside of me. Each and every year at the beginning of autumn, as the first subtle changes take shape around us, the promise of change settles within my wandering mind. That exiting, yet slightly unsettling feeling of all things ending & all things beginning at the same moment in time. Like life & time are colliding somehow. Everything comes together; one last meeting on the threshold of winter. Promise is in the air, dancing around with its friends, called hope, sorrow, joy & disappointment. Days slipping away, drifting down with the leafs, swirling through the streets & disappearing from sight. The year drawing to a close, but there is still time to alter the course of the memories we are about to make.

Maybe the dark days of winter were created for reflection, but as it turns out, my days of reflection come with the colourful days of fall. My impatient mind wants to put the days, months & years in order right now, it wants to understand the when & the why of it all. It wants to come to terms with what happened to the world when we weren’t watching & what the winter will bring if we don’t find a way to put everything back on track. It wants to make plans, wants to look forward & backwards, all in equal amounts. But most of all, it wants to pause & understand the moment. It simply wants to be & be nothing more than here, now, today.

My October theme celebrates autumn; showcases it through my eyes. Close-up, simple & in full colour.

A photo a day – week 13

26) Where's Sergeant Wally?

26) Where’s Sergeant Wally?

The end of another month, which means the end of another theme. And what a colourful theme is has been! I hugely enjoyed taking these month’s bright pictures & I’m almost sad to say farewell to this inspiring subject. But on the other hand I’m looking forward to the new challenge I set myself in the coming month.

April. I love this bold, elegant month, full of brave beginnings & unpredictable moments. April can go either way; she may go high or low, she might surprise or disappoint. But whatever she decides to do, she cannot help but begin again. She kick-starts the slumberous world around us into action & she shakes each & every one of us awake, throwing promises around like confetti on a children’s party.

To follow the example of this beautiful month, I have decided to challenge myself a little bit these coming weeks. I started off with the theme ‘Out & About’ for April, but when I took some time to think about this theme, I wondered whether it wouldn’t too random. Yes, the pictures should be taken outside, but was that really the only rule I should set for myself?
Then my clever sister suggested to look at the word ‘about’ as in about a certain thing/subject/theme. So, this would mean that ‘Out & about’ would become; ‘out (outside) and about this/that subject. Are you still following?
Anyway, to cut a long story short, this month’s theme will be ‘Out& about: ……’ and to make it a little extra challenging, I will try to come up with four or five photo subjects which I haven’t really explored yet. This will probably be subjects along the line of reflections, shadows or perspective.
This week you can see the first April picture, focussing on Texture. I’ll explore this subject a little more next week & furthermore you’ll just have to wait and see what April has in store for you…

Most of this week’s pictures are a lovely shade of green, as they wrap up my March theme, called ‘This Amazing Technicolour Dream Life’. I hope you all enjoyed this month’s theme as much as I did. If you would like to see all March’s pictures together, feel free to have a look at my Pinterest account, where I collected them for your viewing pleasure;)    You can also find my January & February pictures there.

Have yourself a great day & I hope to see you all again next week….

A photo a day – week 12



“She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.”

Shel Silverstein, ‘Every Thing on It’

A photo a day – week 11

12) Holland's pride & joy

12) Holland’s pride & joy

Some days

Some days are good days. Some days you see the world in bright multi-colours. You open your eyes to see a red giraffe in the greenest grass, you stack your favourite pencils on a paper before you & you marvel over sunshine painting your room orange at the end of a perfect day. Life is beautiful & you know it. Full of wonder & filled with unexpected moments of great clarity.

Some days are different days. Some days clouds gather in your mind. Some days your inner critic gets up at the exact same hour as you do & wanders into the day with you. Some days it’s hard to see the world in all its colourful splendour. Life is beautiful & you know it. Full of hope & filled with valuable lessons to learn. But nevertheless, you decide to paint the day in colours of black & blue. You pass by the giraffes, you ignore pencils begging for attention & the sun simply sets without a moment of reflection.

Some days are good days. Some days are different days. And all days, no matter whether they are black, blue, yellow, red or green; all days pass. And we wander through all of them, with our multi-coloured minds full of multi-coloured thoughts & multi-coloured worries. We look up & down, high & low. We see a giraffe one day,  see nothing the next. We sharpen our pencils one moment, draw lovely pictures when we feel we can. We see & don’t see the sun setting outside our windows. And we all lay our heads down at the end of this day or that day, hoping with all our heart that tomorrow will be a good day once again….

A photo a day 2015 – week 9

26) Y is for Yarn

26) Y is for Yarn

March. This is a time of subtle change. Sparkling white snowbells & perfectly purple crocuses stick out their fragile necks, while hailstorms share the stage with sudden showers of sunlight. High above, trees are budding, while birds bravely announce each early morning as the first of spring.
Tired of wearing layers, I make my way outside, forgetting my precious brown gloves. My fingers turn red, as the sky turns fifty shades of rain. I try to take a picture, pressing chilly fingers on black buttons. There is light & dark everywhere, both falling from the sky with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

I smile, because it’s March & there is promise all over the place. The air smells of new adventures, the road is begging for hiking boots & my mind is full of wandering.
Above all, it’s time for a new monthly theme for my 365 days photo project. And what better way to celebrate this unpredictable, yet promising month, which carries us from winter into spring, with an abundance of colour.                           Let’s call itThis Amazing Technicolour Dream Life

Not altogether sure of the shape of this new theme, I will leave you will a few images which will wrap up February & a small collection of multi-coloured images. And last but not least, a nice old-timer to get things off to a good, musical start.

Hope to see you next week, when I’ll have plenty of new, colourful images to share:)