Message to humanity – Wubbo Ockels

‘We, humanity, are so strong, that we can save the earth.
But we also can destroy it.’

-Wubbo Ockels-

I shared this video on Facebook about 3 years ago. Today it popped up as a reminder on my personal Facebook account & I knew I had to share it here with you all. At the time, this man & his urgent message touched me deeply & made me cry. Three years later, it still does.

This is a beautiful, enormously touching speech by Dutch astronaut Professor Wubbo Ockels, addressed to us all. In short, it is a powerful reminder of what we have, what we are about to lose, but also the good we can do as people. It is a warning, a heartfelt plea to do right by this planet, to fight for what we have been given & to never give up on what we’ve got.
Here is a dying man’s final wish; his final gift to those of us who have the luxury of time on our hands. And I’m so glad I fell into these words again today, at the start of this beautifully, untouched New Year. Because every single word he is saying fills me with strong resolve to always keep looking out for this unique, single planet that we find ourselves upon; to do right by her, to learn more & strive for better.

Those of you who know me, know I am not one to get onto the barricades to address large audiences or put my personal opinion on display. In the ‘real’ world & on this blog, I like to share my view on the world, but always try to stay clear off forcing that same view on anybody else. And that is how I would still like things to be. But every now and then, I suppose, it also feels like taking the easy way out when keeping my humble beliefs, on the larger issues this world is facing, safely tucked inside. By not sharing my true opinion on certain matters, it might feel like I never really take sides. Never really dare to say; ‘this is what I think is right, this is what I feel is wrong & this is what I think we could do about it.’ And I guess, as long as all of us with the same ideas, yet humble disposition, decide never to speak up, change is not very likely to ever come about.

And so here I am; sharing the words and thoughts of someone whose final views on the world, humanity & Climate change deeply touch me & whose wise words I want to stand behind & share with you. By sharing this video here, Ockels’ message may touch someone else out there too, the way it touched and touches me; maybe it will alter something, bring about the smallest of change. And those little changes are all we need. Because we are in this together, we really are. And that’s a good thing, as far as I am concerned.

In 2018, I am going to take even better care of this beautiful place we call Earth. And I am kind of hoping you are with me on this….