Wide-eyed wandering, week 16


week 16, klein

Yes, I’m still here; still alive & kicking:) It seems like forever ago that I posted something on this poor, imperfect blog of mine. I think this might very well have been the longest radio silence this place ever experienced. Of course, I could go into great detail right now trying to explain what happened, why it took me such a long time to post anything at all. How I went on a holiday, how I came back, how I was working & how I wasn’t. But, I guess, the plain truth of the matter is that time just got away from me somehow. And as more & more time went by, posting anything at all became this huge, daunting task in my mind. So, I postponed & postponed, until eventually I didn’t postpone any more. And now; here I am.

I decided to just pick things up where I left them all those weeks ago. So, in the next couple of days, I’ll try to catch up with my weekly-pictures in rapid speed. And then, when that’s done, we will see what happens next:)

Thanks for coming back to me & hope you’ll enjoy the photos to come!