Goodbye April

Goodbye April. Goodbye to your unpredictable nature. Your showers of blossom, rain & hail. Goodbye to snow on early mornings. Goodbye to sleepless, weary nights. You’ve confused me with your selection of moods to choose from. Yes, it seems fair to say, you caught me off guard. But I’m not blaming you. You’ve been no one but yourself; unconstrained & filled with surprises, just as you should be.

Goodbye Dear April, thank you for those wonderful weeks filled with quiet reflection & unexpected emotions. I have wandered through your days like one should wander through any springtime; looking up & up, marvelling over the colours, the abundance & all the reoccurring gifts of nature.
I aimed my camera, framed the moment & satisfied my ever expanding need to create memories. I packed a bag & hiked through the days, wrapping my coat around myself a little tighter, while your cold winds reminded me that you’ll do as you please. I read; an old favourite & some lighter books, allowing my thoughts to drift, while scanning the obvious. I watched new things, was on the edge of my seat & was left wanting much more. My shoes travelled to and fro, following me outside, where we passed both familiar & new places. I celebrated achievements. I questioned my purpose & my reason. I doubted myself, the way I always do. But I also picked myself & everything up again, the way I now know how to.
And all that while, I thought. I thought a lot. Thought of those I love & those who love me back. I thought of people I never met, would never meet, but who somehow managed to alter my thoughts all the same. Sometimes I cried. For all the obvious & the less obvious reasons. I tried not to mind & most of the time, I didn’t.

Goodbye April, thank you for keeping me from harm. Because it’s a confusing world we live in, where safety has become more of a gift than a given. It is place full of conflict, fear & famine. There is danger here, and there, and everywhere. Everything is moving, all the time. Yet some things seem to come to a standstill, like the world is holding its breath, wishing for the problem to go away while we close our eyes & wait for better days. But it hasn’t worked so far & something tells me, it never will. Looking at the world & the state we’re in, I feel grateful to live where I live, do what I do & be who I am. And there is less & less that I take for granted.

Goodbye Sweet April; let’s make way for May now. Let’s make room for a little more sun & a little less temperament. Thank you for the decorated trees & all the fresh green leafs. Thank you for the lazy hours, the warn soles of my shoes & for all the lovely reassurance, brought about by simple togetherness. Thanks for all the cups of coffee and, of course, thank you for the chocolate fondant which wouldn’t turn out, but still turned out fine.
I’ll leave you be now, I’m already running late. Take care & we’ll meet again.

Love, Naomi

Book: Due to a few days away, I managed to finish 2 ½ book this month. I must admit it where two Nicci French books & one book I have read over and over. But it was wonderful all the same.
‘Until it’s over’ & ‘What to do when someone dies’ by Nicci French
‘The History of love’ by Nicole Krauss
Series: Once upon a Time (always:) & How to get away with murder
Songs of the month:
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder
Howling at the moon – Milow

(In case you missed it yesterday; here is an short impression I made about this month’s little getaway:)


3 thoughts on “Goodbye April

  1. Love it everytime. Makes me miss you even more and miss being a part of your daily adventures. Love you my dear sister.

  2. Having a kind of holiday it seems and feels I give myself less time to follow the normal daily routine…so I’m a bit late reading your Goodbye April.
    But as always you’re touching me with your beautiful thoughts, words and photos and although I know days are passing fast, I hardly can wait to receive Goodbye May….
    Thanks again and till next time!

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