My new postcards:)



As some of you might remember, last year the postcard series ‘Words’ was released by Astrid from the postcard Webshop Cardcetera, featuring eight of my very own photographs & words. This wonderful collection of postcards are my pride & joy and therefor I am proud to announce that an additional 2 cards have been added to the series! And these two new cards could very well be my most favourite Words postcards so far. I don’t know whether it’s the items they showcase, the absence of bright colours or the lovely sturdy feel of the matte paper they’re printed on. Maybe it’s the vulnerability of the dandelion, reminding me that we all, in our own way & on different times throughout our life, feel as fragile & delicate as that wonderful flower. Or maybe it is the beauty of a much loved book; used, damaged, yet treasured & respected. Fact is that I just love these two new cards & I am happy they’ll are added to the lovely Words collection. Make sure to check them out right here🙂



And that is not all; in March another postcard showcasing one of my photos was added to the delightful collection of postcards published by Cardcetera.
The card ‘Quotes’, which is available right here, is a colourful, happy postcard, perfect for anybody who loves quotes as much as I do.
Astrid, the driving force behind the wonderful Cardcetera webshop, has put so much faith in my work ever since we got to know each other & this has given me a much needed dose of self-confidence. I simply couldn’t be happier that our paths crossed when they did:)

You can read more about the Words postcards, the Cardcetera Webshop/website & our collaboration on the ‘my postcards’ page on this blog & I’ll make sure to keep you updated about some additional postcards coming out real soon:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




One thought on “My new postcards:)

  1. Your postcards don’t need more words, they speak for themselves. Love them…new method …how to learn Dutch with an English touch!

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