Goodbye February

Goodbye February, how fast you have passed me by. It should not come as a surprise anymore, the speed in which time travels, but still it does. I had great plans with you, you know, wild ideas & good hope. But somehow I get in the way of myself sometimes. Like I want more than my mind can handle. But I enjoyed our time together all the same. Please, don’t get me wrong; I loved the days you gave to me.

Goodbye February, you beautiful romantic soul. Bringing warmth & flowers, while outside chilly winds blew all premature thoughts of spring away. I went outside, willingly facing wind, rain & hail, my clothes soaked time & time again, but my heart singing with delight. I made small drawings of love, cooked familiar favourites to warm us at dinnertime, I strolled between deserted factories, where beauty was bravely defeating decay. I watched too many episodes of a new favourite series, let myself be tempted by the ‘comfort’ of the old English aristocratic life. I tried to keep promises to myself, set goals & strived for my own definition of success. I listened to both old & new music, found my heart jumping with joy every time a memorable song arrived at its doorstep. I watched dancers drift across a brightly lit stage, embracing both (in)visible love & all life lived beneath the delicate surface of our skin.

Goodbye February, what a world we live in, with all its uncompromised power to give & take, the ability to create & to destroy. Your winter days passed & I thought of those with no shelter, no place to call home. It was with a heavy heart that I looked at my television screen, staring into the eyes of those with nothing left, but still so much to give. I sat & realised how we are all so connected & so very disconnected at the same time. And I couldn’t decide whether that thought made me feel either strong or only smaller still.

Goodbye February, time to go. Make space for March, that unpredictable & wilful friend of yours. Thank you for a lovely time. Thank you for the wind in my face, the first bold flowers that blossomed. Thank you for the laughter & the tears. Thank you for the forgotten song that played on the radio. Thank you for the sunny extra day. And more than anything, thank you for putting up with my complicated soul, the questions it askes & the answers it provides. I wish you well & we’ll meet again.

Love, Naomi

Book: Een verhaal van liefde, ziekte en dood. Deel 1: de liefde – Jonas Gardell (Dutch)
Series: Downton Abbey
Theatre: Under my skin – Isabella Beerneart
Songs of the month:
The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel
Oh Canada – Missy Higgins
Nothing Arrived – Villagers
Up & Up – Coldplay
Nobody Cept’you – Jack Savoretti

2 thoughts on “Goodbye February

  1. The months can’t go fast enough for receiving your nice words, thoughts and photo images!
    Just right now I’m enjoying your ‘playlist!. Thanks and welcome to March!

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