Alive Inside


First post of the year. Of course I will start of wishing you all an amazing & beautiful New Year, filled with wonderful moments & incredible adventures. Thanks for finding your way back here!
And thanks for going on this new blog adventure with me. I had a great time blogging here last year & I’m really looking forward to share all sorts of new things with you in the year to come.

I haven’t really set myself the same goals as I did the previous two years, during which I  worked on the 365 days Playmobil Project, 2014 & A photo a day, 2015.
After two years of 365 day photo challenges, I felt I needed a little break from that weekly deadline (which I hardly ever made anyway:) Having said that, I certainly want to keep gently pushing myself & brighten up this blog with photos, drawings, ideas, music & recipes. And since I’m also an enthusiastic cook, I thought it would be nice to finally work on a few more recipe-blogs.
So, hopefully, that will all work out!

Today I thought I kick things off with something beautiful, inspiring, sad & touching I saw during the season holidays. It’s something which I desperately want to share with you. The documentary below, called ‘Alive Inside’ came out a while ago. It tells the story of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia & it show us how these ‘lost’ people are able to rediscover their sense of self through the power of music. A couple of years back, I saw a small part of this documentary somewhere on the internet & it touched me deeply to see the amazing effect something as ‘simple’ as music had on people who seemed too far gone ever to be reached again.
When I stumbled upon the full documentary on Netflix the other day, I watched it instantly. And a few days later, I watched it again. I don’t think I ever cried so much as I did watching the incredible story. It’s an eye opener, a slap in the face & an amazing story that concerns us all.
I could go into great detail about ‘Alive inside’, the story it tells & the feelings it stirred within me. But I wouldn’t be able to find the proper words & explain the essence of what the documentary shows. I think it’s much better to watch it for yourself. It’s sad, but so powerful & inspiring at the same time. If you are a music lover & a people lover, this documentary will be well worth your time.

I love music. My love for music runs deeper than I anything I could possible explain right here. It’s like my soul is made of it. It is a love that comes straight from within, like an instinctive need, like a force that always keeps me going. It lifts me up when I’m down, it opens my eyes, it makes my heart sing & my brain celebrate. I can’t image a life without music & the magical proportions of it. And so, I hope that one day, when I’m old, alone & lost, someone will show me mercy & give me back the wonderful gift of music.

The full documentary can be found on Netflix as well as on Youtube.
If you would like to find out more about the documentary, feel free to visit the official website.


One thought on “Alive Inside

  1. Happy Healthy Successful 2016 for you too Naomi! And thanks for sharing your wonderful words, thoughts and memories this first week of the new year. As always a pleasure to read and reread…Curious what more you will share with all in 2016! Can’t wait for next week!

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