A photo a day, 2015 – December Wrap-up

December; my year in pictures. Starting a sunny January day, when my sister & I took a walk on familiar ground & made plans for the year ahead. There were twelve months before us; 365 days waiting to happen. We wonder what those days would bring us, what they would bring the world. We knew nothing, we were acting on blind faith, as we stepped into 2015.

A year in pictures. And what a beautiful year it has been; so colourful, filled with small & big adventures. A year in which I have felt happy, blessed, hopeful, frightened, amazed & understood.

My year in pictures. Taking you from that sunny first January day, straight through the beautiful days of spring, the warm days of summer, the brightness of Autumn, into a winter which never really became a winter at all. This is my beautiful life, these are the pictures that didn’t make it, but who still deserve to be seen. Because they mean something to me & make up the sum of my life.

Thank you all for your support, kindness, love & encouragement throughout the year. Thanks for finding me & sticking with me. I wish you all the best in the New Year & of course I hope to see you all back here in 2016!

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