One photo a day, 2015 – week 48

26) Finn

26) Finn

‘The best portion of your life
will be the small, nameless moments
you spend smiling with someone
who matters to you’


Wrapping up my November theme with just a handful of memories to share. Only five images, instead of the usual seven, because in my next post, the last of this year, I’m sharing all my December images with you at once. This way I’ll be able to finish my photo project, just in time for the New Year to start.
A new year, without a new photo challenge, but hopefully with a lot a creative & colourful ideas to brighten up the days, weeks & months.

Love for now & feel free to stay tuned for my December ‘A year in pictures’ theme…


One thought on “One photo a day, 2015 – week 48

  1. The postcard with the 2 cute children was indeed on our wall for years and years. They were representing all the children we had ever met in Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. I always loved to look at their faces and they helped me through the difficult years back in the Netherlands…

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