A photo a day, 2015 – week 47

19) Angel

19) Angel

‘The price of anything
is the amount of time
you exchange for it’

Henry David Thoreau once spoke these wise words. If what he’s saying is true, and I believe it might be, then I feel I have spent my time quite wisely.
I was born in a foreign country & have spent the first part of my life moving & travelling from here to there. So, for much of this life, I’ve felt like an outsider; a nomad who belongs neither here nor there. It’s been hard, sometimes. Hard to fit in when looking different from everyone around me. And even harder to fit in when looking the same as everyone around me, but to feel completely different.
There have been times I wished that life could have been a little simpler; less extraordinary, I suppose. I thought maybe that would make everything a bit easier & it would make me feel less of an oddity. But these days, I realize how fortunate I have been, to be able to make all these beautiful, unique memories, starting from the day I was born, stretching across the years, right into the present day. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by people who love me, know me & allow me to be me. And these people have created the most extraordinary memories together with me. They’ll forever carry my memories along with them, like sacred vessels filled with evidence of my existence.

Of course I have regrets, time wasted, or time I wish I had spent more wisely. Of course, I walked through numerous days of my life without looking around me as much as I could have, naïvely spending something as precious as time on something not equally important. But that’s life too & those times created memories as well. And some of those particular memories turned out to be among the best I’ve made so far.


3 thoughts on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 47

  1. Thansk for telling your story, which is in many ways also our story.
    Your words touch me time and again. You make life more beautiful just by writing about it.

  2. Yes,Sarai,you are right. Lots of Naomi’s memories are ours, but writing them down, sharing them in such a beautiful and touching way, shows the real artist and poet. Dearest Naomi, your photos and memories travel all over the world. Love all the way from Nicaragua

  3. Re-reading your memory blogs in a quiet place, back in the Netherlands behind my desk, realizing tears are running out of my eyes. So many different memories, so many different places, situations and so many years of our lives that past.

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