A photo a day, 2015 – week 46

12) Going places

12) Going places

I believe our best memories cannot be held in our hands, they cannot be placed in boxes or may not even be able to be written down on paper. These memories are created in the silence that exist between one word & the next, made in those fleeting moments between what we do & what we plan to do. They are light as air, often wordless & easily overlooked. But these memories consist of love. And once seen, once felt, they are never forgotten. They stay with us through the years, they create a home within our soul & they pick us up when we are down. We carry them with us wherever we go & they allow us to travel back & forth in time whenever we feel the need to do so.

It are those memories I cannot capture here; those all-important moments, which shaped me more than I’ll ever know. But I will remember them all the same.

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