A photo a day, 2015 – week 45

5) The world's cutest teddy

5) The world’s cutest teddy

Tribute to time gone by…

I don’t often say things like this about ideas I come up with myself, but I really love my November theme. It’s been such an incredibly gratifying experience to search through the souvenirs of my life so far. I’ve discovered & rediscovered so many lovely hidden treasures; much loved objects packed away in small boxes, stored on high shelves or lost between new pieces of life I’ve collected along the way. I’ve gazed at pictures, searching for the meaning within memories. What did that time mean to me, how did it change me, how did that particular moment in time contribute to the person I am today?

I highly recommend it; this documenting of your keepsakes. It will remind you of some of the most important times of your life; times which formed you in small & in big ways, times long gone or times just lived. Your memories might surprise you. And even though the best of times are often not documented or tangible, documenting what you did safe is bound to bring you closer to the memories which can only be seen within your mind’s eye.

Love, Naomi

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