For the love of drawing (+ my first giveaway:)

Snowmen Christmas card

Snowmen Christmas card

There are many things I like. Many things I love. And then there are the things I like, love & simply couldn’t do without in life. ‘Things’ like my family, my cat, hiking, music, tea, photography & drawing. And while I’ve spend a substantial amount of time writing about most of the things above, I think I haven’t dedicated a single blogpost to my love for drawing. A love that takes me right back in time: back to the kid I once was. That little, daydreaming girl; with songs in her head & magic on her mind. Back to the comfort of her warm classroom in the middle of nowhere, in a country where the sun never seized to shine. Right back to the place where all her & my beginnings can be found.

Yes, I’ve been drawing my whole life. During primary school, I sometimes had a hard time concentrating on my lessons, especially the ones which I thought were boring. So, instead of learning, I’d be drawing & copying beautiful images into the margin of my notebooks. I can remember the feeling of inspiration surging through me, each and every time I stared at my textbook illustrations; the simple pencil drawings & the colourful painted images, all of them luring me away from the words & their educational value. Day by day, bit by bit, I grew up & my drawings grew with me. I started to read books on art, discovered beauty everywhere. I fell in love with Chagall’s lovers of Venice & dreamed of Monet’s little girl in a field full of poppies.

Then puberty hit & with it came insecurity. A nasty figure called self-doubt decided to become a permanent resident of my mind. And for a while, as I started to question everything I created, the joy I had always felt while drawing seemed to wither away. But, despite the insisting voice in my head, which said I wasn’t good enough, I never stopped drawing. I simply couldn’t. My hands always want to scribble, doodle & dream. I suppose the dreamy, little kid I used to be, was putting up a good fight, ignoring inner critics & their boring friends. She kept me going, reminding me that we wanted to be the sort of person that never gives up on oneself. And I knew she was right. So, I kept making postcards & paintings. I made murals; small, big & huge. For years I kept experimenting, searching franticly for my signature style. I stubbornly kept filling folders, drawers & eventually a cupboard with my artwork, in the hope that the self-doubt would eventually feel completely tongue-tied & would simply disappear. And all that while, I silently dreamed that one day someone would come along & would recognize the love that I pour into every single line on the paper. That someone would come & say; what you do is great!

Owl Christmas Card

Owl Christmas Card

Well….of course, no one ever came. No one said that what I did was great. The drawers stayed shut & my illustrations kept waiting for better days. And guess which uninvited guest came running back into my life…

But then, a few months ago, Astrid from the Cardcetera webshop saw my photographs & decided that they were so beautiful that she wanted to turn them into postcards. It might sound strange, but I think this changed everything for me. It changed something inside of me. It enabled the little kid within to win that ongoing battle with insecurity & to convince me it was about time I’d start to believe in my own creative abilities again.
And that’s why, these days, I completely rediscovered my love for drawing & I decided I was done doubting, waiting & hesitating. Instead, I went looking for a good printing company & decided to print a few of my colourful Christmas cards. This might sound like nothing to most people, but to me it means more than I can explain right here. It’s a victory I’m not able to put into words just yet.

Boy Christmas Card

Boy Christmas Card

So, to make a very long story short (which, as it turns out, isn’t my strong suit:), I have printed 4 lovely Christmas cards, which I hope to sell in some local shops & eventually also online. And since I am so proud & happy that I finally dared to print any of my own work, I decided it would be perfect to share that happiness by organizing my very first Giveaway ever! Cause, who doesn’t love a nice giveaway? I’ve never done anything like this, though, so I hope you will bear with me, while I’m trying to get it right the first time:)

Birds Christmas Card

Birds Christmas Card

Christmas-card Giveaway

So, the giveaway is a set of 4 Christmas cards with my own illustrations. The cards are printed in full colour on 300 gram paper. If you would love to receive these unique cards, this is what you have to do: simply leave a comment below & tell me why you should definitely receive this colourful set of cards.
I will choose a winner from the comments next week, on the 12th of November. Make sure to check my blog, to see whether you’re the lucky winner! See you then….

P.S As some of you might have seen in the menu above, I have added a special page for my illustrations to this blog. If you would like to see more of my work or have any questions, feel free to have a look around on the page or send me an email🙂

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