A photo a day, 2015 – week 36

3) Keep it together...

3) Keep it together…

The thing about things

While writing this blogpost, I’m surrounded by a whole range of things. Small things, larger things, everyday objects which live around me, day in day out. Most days, I don’t take notice, they are all simply there. The pencils which help me make my drawing, the eraser which safeguards me from permanent mistakes, the paperclips keeping everything together. There is tea in my teacup, there are computer keys underneath my fingers, there is a memory stick memorizing it all. A silly, little statue found in a box full of equally, silly objects. A cute doll hard to part with. A jar filled with lost buttons, lonesome sewing needles & tiny things whose names I have forgotten.

Life is about so much more than objects alone. Certainly, it’s not about the things I have & or the things I aspire to have one of these days. But fact is that some of these everyday objects make my life feel just that little better. They make tasks easier & they help me out in their own ingenious ways. Some of the things I have are practical, others are like the decorations on a cake, adding value where I least expect it.

And that’s why I have decided that my September photo theme should be all about things. A month filled with ordinary things shot in funny, different or extraordinary ways. 

I’m looking forward to having fun with it & of course, I hope you will enjoy it too!


One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 36

  1. It is every time a surprise what you, Naomi, are going to give us…nice photos taken on the right moment and beautiful words to lighten all up. And till now it has always been a joy to get a new, fresh blog from you..the incurable perfectionist!

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