Last February, I posted a blog about three hundred boat refugees who drowned out at sea. Around that time, news items about all these desperate people out at sea, trying to reach European shores, were only just reaching our living rooms for the first time. These were short stories, easy to miss; none of them preparing us for the immense scale of human suffering still to come.

Today, I would like to share my old blogpost with you again. Because, unfortunately, today it tells as accurate a story as it did back in February. It has remained & will stay a current affair for much longer than I wish it would. And while there is little I can do, I can try to do what I can, by giving voice to the sadness & the frustration that I feel as a fellow human being.

Below, you find the poem I wrote back then & if you wish to read the entire blogpost, simply click here.

Drowning out at sea

My desperate voyage of death
is coming to an end
with hope and land in sight
I must admit
I amount to nothing
but a nameless, homeless number

Sailing unforgiving seas
surrounded by
these sinking ships of hope
it is my burden
to find demise
wherever I seek freedom

I don’t do it lightly
but I will abandon ship
for the captain is long gone
throwing hands full of faith
from the deck into my eyes
on his long way down

And so,
my desperate voyage of death
is coming to an end
as I surrender to
the wide skies above
and the wild seas below


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