A photo a day, 2015 – week 36

3) Keep it together...

3) Keep it together…

The thing about things

While writing this blogpost, I’m surrounded by a whole range of things. Small things, larger things, everyday objects which live around me, day in day out. Most days, I don’t take notice, they are all simply there. The pencils which help me make my drawing, the eraser which safeguards me from permanent mistakes, the paperclips keeping everything together. There is tea in my teacup, there are computer keys underneath my fingers, there is a memory stick memorizing it all. A silly, little statue found in a box full of equally, silly objects. A cute doll hard to part with. A jar filled with lost buttons, lonesome sewing needles & tiny things whose names I have forgotten.

Life is about so much more than objects alone. Certainly, it’s not about the things I have & or the things I aspire to have one of these days. But fact is that some of these everyday objects make my life feel just that little better. They make tasks easier & they help me out in their own ingenious ways. Some of the things I have are practical, others are like the decorations on a cake, adding value where I least expect it.

And that’s why I have decided that my September photo theme should be all about things. A month filled with ordinary things shot in funny, different or extraordinary ways. 

I’m looking forward to having fun with it & of course, I hope you will enjoy it too!


A photo a day, 2015 – week 35



This wandering mind

As I’m uploading these long overdue photos of August & my last memories of Ireland, I feel I place a definite dot behind the summer, propelling myself into autumn while still struggling with this blog-gap I can’t seem to bridge. I tell myself that it doesn’t really matter, that sometimes time just goes too fast for a mind that has so much wandering to do.

But truth is, I’ve been feeling a little low lately. For many, but for no particular reason.
Maybe it’s the autumn, with its typical air of imminent endings. But then again, this is also supposed to be my favorite season, so I suppose that doesn’t make much sense at all.
So, maybe it is time moving at a seemly unusual speed, hours slipping from my days, while I trying to hold onto its precious minutes & moments.
Maybe it’s the songs I listen to; the old favorites & new lovers; all the words, the melodies, every rise, every fall, all the beauty bringing tears to my eyes.
Maybe it’s this world & its incomprehensible conflicts & its complicated politics. The world with its heartbreak, its tragedy & its endless challenges. Maybe it’s the feeling of being unable to keep up, my inability to understand, my flawed hopefulness fading at the edges.

I suppose, as a human, you can’t help feeling emotionally pushed to the limit sometimes. Like your soul is wide open somehow, waiting for both beauty & heartbreak to walk right on in. Everything you see & hear touches you deeper, words & their meaning become unpredictable allies who might turn on you at every given moment.   And whether it’s the shortening days, the speeding time, this world in turmoil; I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to mind too much. I try to remind myself that this is probably what it should feel like to be alive; that this is what it is like to live fully & freely & without the fear of feeling.

Well, I guess what should have been my photo update for week 35, turned into some unexpected soul-searching exercise:) That’s how I seem to work these days….. thanks for bearing with me.
I’ll leave you now with five more Ireland-images & two new images to keep you guessing about the September theme…:) I promise to tell you all about it in my next post….

Love, Naomi


Last February, I posted a blog about three hundred boat refugees who drowned out at sea. Around that time, news items about all these desperate people out at sea, trying to reach European shores, were only just reaching our living rooms for the first time. These were short stories, easy to miss; none of them preparing us for the immense scale of human suffering still to come.

Today, I would like to share my old blogpost with you again. Because, unfortunately, today it tells as accurate a story as it did back in February. It has remained & will stay a current affair for much longer than I wish it would. And while there is little I can do, I can try to do what I can, by giving voice to the sadness & the frustration that I feel as a fellow human being.

Below, you find the poem I wrote back then & if you wish to read the entire blogpost, simply click here.

Drowning out at sea

My desperate voyage of death
is coming to an end
with hope and land in sight
I must admit
I amount to nothing
but a nameless, homeless number

Sailing unforgiving seas
surrounded by
these sinking ships of hope
it is my burden
to find demise
wherever I seek freedom

I don’t do it lightly
but I will abandon ship
for the captain is long gone
throwing hands full of faith
from the deck into my eyes
on his long way down

And so,
my desperate voyage of death
is coming to an end
as I surrender to
the wide skies above
and the wild seas below