A photo a day, 2015 – week 33

13) Daydreaming

13) Daydreaming

In love

You know that feeling, when a holiday is so good, when moments are so profound & time so well spend, you would like those times to last a lifetime. That incredible moment when dreams come true & those dreams turn out even better than you had hoped or imaged. And the end of all this beauty makes you a little sad, despite all the happiness it brought you.

‘I’ll remember this forever’, I told myself, as I descended the steep slopes one of the many impressive hills the Beara Peninsula (Ireland) has to offer. ‘This will stay with me the rest of my life’, I ensured my dreamy heart, as I filled my lungs with the fresh mountain air. I passed sheep with a variety of different colours painted on their mud covered wool, captured them with my camera & my mind. Panting, I climbed a mountainside & stood staring at the world below; the breathtakingly beautiful grasslands & the endless Ocean at my feet. ‘Surely life will never be the same for me’, I thought, as I witnessing brave gannets dropping down into the deep blue water. Because when dreams come true, how can life possibly go on as if nothing ever happened?

But time went on, like time tends to do; hours turned into days, days turned into weeks & before I knew what was happening, a sea of time appeared between me & those windy days I spend in Ireland. Moments fell, like autumn leaves, from my mind into my memory. The vivid colours of the grass & the Irish wildflowers started to fade around the edges. The slippery paths we hiked upon, disappear bit by bit behind me. I looked back & I feared that I soon would start to forget all the little things, some of the larger things & maybe even the momentous things.

Yet, deep in my heart, I know I will not forget. I know that, no matter how much time will pass, part of me will always remember those cherished moments under the wide Irish skies. Because, as it goes when travelling to unexplored places, I believe part of my soul was altered right there & then. I believe that the mysterious blueprint in the midst of me was transformed, as I fell deeply in love with the country I have always had a crush on.


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