These modern times….

Today, as I finally turned the theme of my website into a responsive theme, I understood that once again I was a little late to the game.  I don’t have an iPhone, you see, nor do I have an iPad or any other electric devise with an ‘i’ at the start of it. I have a phone that makes phone calls and that…well, that is it, actually.

So, how was I supposed to know that a large group of people out there were unable to read my blog properly; a whole bunch of potential followers who never started following me, because my blog was simply unreadable on their appliance of choice. It was only since I started designing a website for my sister, that I came across this neat little feature called ‘responsive’, opening a whole ranch of new options to me. So, from now on, my blog is responsive & can be viewed on the whole variety of devises you might have collected throughout these modern times 🙂 Just thought you would like to know!


One thought on “These modern times….

  1. Today I passed a store and in their display they had old, antique televisions, radios and guess what…your phone was there too. Back to basic, retro, so be proud of your phone that makes…just phone calls!

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