Wonderful day…


Postcards 'Words'



What a beautiful day this is; Ingrid from the lovely blog http://365-miles-to-paris.blogspot.nl/ wrote a blogpost about my postcards! She liked the cards that Astrid (from http://www.cardcetera.com/ ) & I made so much that she decided to write an entire post about it; how amazing is that!

And she has even turned the post into a nice giveaway. Unfortunately, the blog is written in Dutch & you can only participate in the giveaway if you have a Dutch postal address, which is a shame for my English readers. But, if you speak/read Dutch & you have a Dutch address, all you have to do is tell Ingrid which card you  would like to receive & who knows, you’ll might be the lucky person to get some snail-mail with your favourite card in it. It is as simple as that:) The lucky winners will be chosen on Friday, the 25th of September. Good luck!

I’ll be off now, enjoying the rest of this wonderful day…….

P.S As you can see in the menu bar,I have added a special page for the Words postcards to my blog. Here you find the link to the Cardcetera webshop & some information about my postcards:)


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