When dreams come true…



Postcards on Cardcetera

How long has it been? I cannot even remember when. All I know is that this crazy summer passed by me in an instance. I know I’m way behind with my photo project, I know I went on the most fantastic holiday one can wish for & more than that, I know I still haven’t shared the wonderful news I promised to share with you last time I was here. So, let’s not worry about all those many weeks full of photos still waiting to find their way onto my blog.

Instead, let me get straight to the good news:

About two months ago, I met up with Astrid, the face behind the wonderful postcard webshop  Cardcetera. Astrid runs this beautiful webshop with love & enthusiasm. And after seeing some of the June & July photos on my blog, she became equally enthusiast about my photos. So, before long, she offered to use some of my photos for a whole new series of cards for her webshop……

I’ve been photographing & drawing my whole life, always silently hoping that one day someone would see something, even the smallest thing, in my creative work. In the weeks before meeting Astrid, something was happening to me. I suppose I was starting to feel a little deflated, thinking that all my efforts were in vain & that I was simply wasting my time trying to become the artist I would never be.

Now, a few weeks later, I have given an interview about my creative work, I’m a runner-up in a photo contest & eight of my photos have become eight beautiful, tangible cards, which are for sale in a real webshop right now! I don’t know what happened here; whether it was luck, faith or something different altogether, but all I know is that I simply couldn’t be happier. Happy to know that there are people out there who dare to believe in someone like me, happy to feel hopeful once again & generally happy with the wonderful life I get to live.

In the coming few weeks I hope to steadily catch up with my photo project again, but right now I will leave you with the interview I gave for the Cardcetera webshop & the 8 pictures which became the 8 postcards I couldn’t be prouder of. And while you’re in the webshop, don’t forget to check out all the lovely cards that Astrid has for sale. Cardcetera is a true postcard heaven; a great place for people who still enjoy sending & receiving postcards the old-fashioned way:). I’m sure you’ll find something of your liking there….

Oh, before I forget; on top of everything, one of my other photos has been selected as top 5 of Cardcetera’s photo contest 2015. If you want (and it would be highly appreciated, of course:) you may click on the link below & vote for my picture. You can vote once a day, every day, until the 20th of September. Thanks in advance & I will keep you updated about the result!


Well, that’s all for now. I do hope to update my photo project soon. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the last few pictures of July & we then we’ll jump right into August. But that’s tomorrow….have fun reading my interview & don’t forget to order a few of those lovely cards;)




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