A photo a day, 2015 – week 29

16) Huismus

16) Huismus


Well, I guess I really mend it when I said I wasn’t going to post very regularly during the holiday;)

Officially July has come to an end. But right here, on my imperfect blog, I still have a few weeks of this sunny month left to cover.

It’s been a month filled with sleepless, humid nights & moving, colourful days. The whole country went of a holiday. Packed cars crowded the highways &  the byways, dodging traffic jams & angry farmers whenever possible. I stayed home, daydreaming of days to come & writing down adventures within the safety of my private mind. Until an unexpected & exciting opportunity wandered onto my path, shaking me from sleep and making me feel both timid & elated the same time.

Soon, I’ll tell you all about this wonderful news.  Soon, I will explain why, for the first time in quite some time, I feel hopeful & relieved that I didn’t give up too soon. Feel happy that I decided to stick with my stubborn mind a little longer. And moreover, I actually think I might feel a little proud of myself right now….and, trust me, that is new.

Here’s week 29 for you, hope you will like it. With a bit of luck week 30 & 31 and my exciting, creative news will follow very soon:) In the meantime, take care & see you!

One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 29

  1. I hope you will prolong July and all the nice photos and words. It’s so nice to be surprised with new words and their explanation, love it! Can’t tell you which one is my favourite,but if I have to mention one: ezelsoor !

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