A photo a day, 2015 – week 26 & week 27

25) Maneschijn

25) Maneschijn

About TV-guides, holidays & the absence of new themes

I guess I’m kinda like our TV-guide; in the summer it appears in a special double edition, covering two weeks of TV-listings instead of just the one. I suppose people on the editorial office also want to go on a holiday every now and then, so printing an extra thick TV-guide seems like a perfectly smart idea to make up for the looming lack of staff.

I don’t have staff. Neither am I going on a holiday yet….but somehow my creative blog-mind (if such a thing exists) has slipped into snooze mode during the last couple of weeks. I’m late with every weekly post, I have been struggling to keep up with talking pictures & when it came to finding a new theme for July, the real trouble started. So many ideas ran through my mind, but none of them really appealed to me. I started to randomly shoot some images, hoping inspiration would hit. But when an afternoon of shooting numbers, toys, flowers, food-items ect. ect gave me nothing but a collection of mediocre pictures & a teary eye from staring through the viewfinder too long, I had to admit that it simply wasn’t happening.

I sat on the ground, camera in hand, toys all around, wondering whether to mind or not to mind too much. I thought long & hard, the way I tend to do, and then decided it was fine. Decided to give myself a break, give that silly mind of mine the rest it apparently needs every now and then.
In fact, I think I’ll give myself a little bit of a summer holiday. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting altogether, it just means that I’ll be updating whenever I feel like it. And most importantly, it means I’m not going to find a new theme for this new month. I think I’ll just stick to the June theme; not just because I can’t come up with a new theme, but also because I truly love this theme & feel there is plenty of room for more beautiful, sweet or funny Dutch words. I’m having fun exploring this theme & I suppose having fun while blogging is what this is really all about.
And all I can hope for is that you all love this theme as much as I do & that you won’t mind the lack of innovation too much.


Well, this is my update for week 26 & week 27. Hope you like it. And if any of you are about to go on a holiday; have fun, take care & hope to see you again soon:)


2) Kornuiten

2) Kornuiten


One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 26 & week 27

  1. Love to read your blog, too late or too early, it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep making it.
    Good to give your mind a summer stop, we all need time to refresh our mind and body.
    The camera is patience and likes to be where ever you are. Together with so many nice, funny and beautiful words all around you, I’m sure your next blog will be as nice as this one. Thanks a lot!

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