A photo a day, 2015 – week 24

11) Lanterfanten

11) Lanterfanten


I love words. English words & Dutch words. I love finding funny, wonderful, beautiful & silly words, I love wondering about their origins and their synonyms. I browse through the soft pages of my beloved Longman Dictionary in search of meaning & explanation. I conclude that there are ten possible ways to translate some words & that there is no satisfying translation for others. And on my way to one word, I run into a dozen others that intrigue me just as much.

So many words. So many different ways to express what we feel, words to describe what we see & even words to explain what we hear. Surrounded by words, which we string together to form sentences in the hope we will get our messages across. Empty our minds & fill our notebooks, trying to find that particular word which will explain it all. That single word or that collection of words which will help us understand the meaning of love, hate & everything in between. Words which will enable us to capture life as it lives in our heart & mind. A way to put into words the very silence within our vulnerable soul.

I’ve spend my life loving words, understanding the strength they can bring, the power they hold & the damage they might do. I could keep at this photo theme for the rest of the year & even the year to come. Melting together words & pictures until they form a harmonious whole.
Do you love words too? And which words do you love more than others? Is it a funny word? Is it old fashioned or hyper modern? Does it remind you of something or someone you love or is it simply the sound of the word that you can’t get enough of? The letter combination? The pronunciation?
If you tell me before Wednesday, maybe I could try to include one of your favourite words in next week’s update. I would like that:)

Dear all, thanks for bearing with me during my little absence. I think me & my mind are back on track again after a wobbly week of worrying & weeping. So, hopefully, I’ll see you all again towards the end of this week for another June update. Take care….

One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 24

  1. Verwaarlozen: te weinig aandacht besteden aan….neglect, pay no attention, forget about …this is for now my contribution, my word for next week, but I hope a nicer word pops up in my mind.
    Of lately I feel as if I was neglecting the southern part of the Netherlands, no mails, no phone calls, no sweet cards from this part of town, no nothing. And although I know the reason, it doesn’t feel good.
    Reading two blogs that cover two weeks made me even more realize that I really could use the word neglecting.
    It was also good to read the blogs in the wrong order, so now I know week 24 is a better week for you then week 23.
    Dearest Naomi, don’t be so hard on yourself. Look twice at your beautiful blogs you produced and how you carefully squeezed two weeks in two days surrounded by beautiful words and images.
    Keep on sharing your beautiful, human thoughts and photos and realize that’s your gift, your talent.

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