A photo a day, 2015 – Week 22

28) The Pretty duckling

28) The Pretty duckling


While wrapping up May, I stop to realize how fast times has gone by & I wonder where all the hours went. What did you do in this courageous spring month?
For me, I guess I’ve been spending my days waiting for warmer weather, while battling snails & lice in our poor kitchen garden. I’ve dragged myself to the dentist, I discovered new places to hike & rediscovered ‘old’ hobbies to love. I fell in love with pretty quotes & artistic lettering; sharpening my pencils & testing my resolve. I went to the library, I got targeted by an enthusiastic fundraiser & then obliterated by my guilty conscience. I eat home-grown strawberries, I tried new things in the kitchen, I tasted honey that I liked & drank carrot juice for the first time in my life. I bought & received gifts, I watched & re-watched my favourite series, got side-tracked by old songs & ended up spending too much time discovering new songs. And every day of this cloudy, yet lovely month, I peeked through the lens of my camera, searching for the best moment to capture all the wildlife around me. It was harder than I initially thought; birds flying off, deer too far out of sight & most animals simply not anywhere in sight. But as usual, it all worked out & it’s time to start thinking about a new theme. And what a theme it’ll be…

‘Wonderbaarlijke Woorden/wonderful words’

This month’s theme will not only be focussing on pictures, it will also showcase some of the wonderful words the Dutch language has to offer. I’m bilingual & I love both the Dutch & the English language with all my heart. At times I think English has my preference; I write, read & often even think in English. For a brief moment I even made the mistake to think that English is the only language in which I can truly express myself. But then I considered all the poems I wrote ever since I was a child; poems now collected in two books I may call my own. I browsed through the beautiful Dutch words holding my feelings together like a string may hold a bead & I knew instantly that I simply need more than one language to make sense of this complex world. More than one dictionary to clarify all the thoughts & feeling living inside of me.
In June, I will share with you some of the loveliest, funniest & most beautiful words the Dutch language has to offer, accompanied by a suitable picture & an English explanation. I will try to stay clear of words which originated from the English language, so that all of you may learn some truly new words to express yourselves.

I hope you will all like this challenging new theme & that it may inspire you to fall in love with the beauty of language, like I do time & time again. See you next week!

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