A photo a day, 2015 – week 19

7) Love at first sight:)

7) Love at first sight:)


Grateful for the sunny days that lure me out into the green, rolling hills of the waking world just outside my window. Grateful for the cat that sleeps in peace, dreaming of more time to sleep.Grateful for the birds up in the trees, grateful for the rare few that stick around long enough for me to aim & take their picture.Grateful for the lazy, dark eyed cows who watch my every move; their curious nature stronger than their instinctive need to flee.Grateful for the unexpected heart-breaker sitting on the sidewalk; winning me over with a tilted head, hazelnut coloured eyes & floppy, soft ears.Grateful for my sister’s presence & courage as she asks permission for me to preserve this unforgettable furry friend.

 Grateful.Today I’m grateful for the sun, the wind, the spring & the promise of summer.Grateful for leafs exploding from sprouts, flowers occupying the fields & crops bravely taking up space.I am grateful to be here; to be free, seen & loved.Grateful for today.And immensely grateful for tomorrow….


One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 19

  1. Though late to response and another blog waiting for me again, I have to tell you how beautiful and sweet your photos are. The beautiful color from the dog with the beautiful fur and a look to melt for. Love the visitors photo and I’m grateful I’m not that cow…
    So good to read you are so grateful for so many beautiful things you see in daily life. Keep the right photo-spirit!

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