A photo a day, 2015 – week 15


9) Where I live

Upon reflection

I feel a kind of loneliness
settling in my heart

but it’s alright

 for it is in loneliness
that my best thoughts appear

N. Jansen

Just a little note; my holiday has just started, which means I’ll be hiking, working the garden & enjoying spring to its fullest. It also means there won’t be an update next week, but I’ll be back in week 17 with a double update to make up for it. The sub-themes for those two weeks will be ‘patterns’ & ‘perspective’, hopefully knowing this will give you all something to look forward:) See you soon!

One thought on “A photo a day, 2015 – week 15

  1. Beautiful poem…a bit sad…but beautiful.
    I love the bin beauty,could be an unseen piece of the world, yet catch by reflection on the right moment.
    Perfect photo with the eggs, as if it’s all written down with pencil and beautiful light.
    Love the puddle perfect…not for splashing but for reflection.
    After some reflection…what did the mirror say when you asked: Mirror, mirror on the road…are you ready for this heavy load? Am I the prettiest of the two? Let me reflect on both of you!

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