A photo a day, 2015 – week 15


9) Where I live

Upon reflection

I feel a kind of loneliness
settling in my heart

but it’s alright

 for it is in loneliness
that my best thoughts appear

N. Jansen

Just a little note; my holiday has just started, which means I’ll be hiking, working the garden & enjoying spring to its fullest. It also means there won’t be an update next week, but I’ll be back in week 17 with a double update to make up for it. The sub-themes for those two weeks will be ‘patterns’ & ‘perspective’, hopefully knowing this will give you all something to look forward:) See you soon!

A photo a day, 2015 – week 14


2) Prickly


Week 14 of my 2015 Photo Project.
What a struggle it has been. Nothing seemed to work. Pictures just weren’t happening. And believe me, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. My camera literally went everywhere with me this week. I cycled up & down, the camera went up & down with me. I went to the supermarket & the camera did some shopping too. I had my passport photo taken, while my camera waited on the very chair next to me. I looked around all week; obsessed with the concept of texture, which was this week’s challenging subject. But what is texture really? How do I recognize it, capture it on a photo as beautifully as possible? I saw trees. I saw stones. I picked up feathers & grass, felt the soft texture in my hand, feeling I was onto something at last. I browsed through some of my older pictures, saw some textural images I shot last summer when dandelions were ready to blow in the wind & wavy grain fields made the world look golden & soft. But that was then & this was now.

Now it rained. Or now I went grocery shopping & forgot to take a cooling element for the poor melting peas, who waited in my bag while I searched my surroundings for textural beauty. Now I found a park filled with beautiful trees & gorgeous flowers. But the park was crowded & I didn’t feel like being that one, crazy person laying on the ground or hugging trees in order to get the perfect shot. Now you’re probably wonder why I would care. I can hear you think; isn’t she that same crazy person who shot Playmobil characters all through town just last year? How much crazier does she really think it can get? And you right, I shouldn’t care. I should be out there laying on lawns & drive ways, happily shooting away. But sometimes you care & sometimes you don’t. And this week I obviously did care. I cared about the families filling the park, I worried about the glances the park-keepers threw at me & I didn’t feel like standing still or standing out.

This morning I left the house bright & early to apply for a new passport. I lingered at the door, unsure whether to take that slightly heavy, yet lovely camera for such a boring occasion. After some debate, I decided that families & park-keepers were probably not out of bed yet & so it was ‘safe’ to shoot some images. I placed the camera in my backpack  & took off. The world was unfolding beautifully; there was mist, sunshine, patterns & texture as far as my eye could see. So, towards the end of an otherwise uninspired week, this morning I parked my bicycle against a gate, got my camera out, focussed on the uneven surface of a fallen tree & pressed the shutter button…..and that’s when my battery went dead.

Clearly, creativity wouldn’t stream this week. Inspiration took some time off & never thought to inform me about its plans. And so I have ended up with a collection of pictures I don’t feel completely confident or happy about. And that’s a tight spot to be in for a perfectionist such as myself, who doesn’t like to share anything she isn’t 200% satisfied about. So, I thought of skipping a week. Then I thought of using old photos. Yes, for a moment, I even considered forgetting about this photo project all together.
But then I had a good look at my blog title & remembered why I started this whole blog to begin with. And I can tell you this much; it wasn’t to force myself to be perfect at all times. Neither was it to force creativity or beat myself up about a lack of just that. This blog is supposed to be a place to be me. A place to explore my possibilities as a writer, photographer and more than anything, explore my possibilities as an imperfect perfectionist.

So, having said that, I’m proud to present to you; the perfectly imperfect photo-project update of week 14.

A photo a day – week 13

26) Where's Sergeant Wally?

26) Where’s Sergeant Wally?

The end of another month, which means the end of another theme. And what a colourful theme is has been! I hugely enjoyed taking these month’s bright pictures & I’m almost sad to say farewell to this inspiring subject. But on the other hand I’m looking forward to the new challenge I set myself in the coming month.

April. I love this bold, elegant month, full of brave beginnings & unpredictable moments. April can go either way; she may go high or low, she might surprise or disappoint. But whatever she decides to do, she cannot help but begin again. She kick-starts the slumberous world around us into action & she shakes each & every one of us awake, throwing promises around like confetti on a children’s party.

To follow the example of this beautiful month, I have decided to challenge myself a little bit these coming weeks. I started off with the theme ‘Out & About’ for April, but when I took some time to think about this theme, I wondered whether it wouldn’t too random. Yes, the pictures should be taken outside, but was that really the only rule I should set for myself?
Then my clever sister suggested to look at the word ‘about’ as in about a certain thing/subject/theme. So, this would mean that ‘Out & about’ would become; ‘out (outside) and about this/that subject. Are you still following?
Anyway, to cut a long story short, this month’s theme will be ‘Out& about: ……’ and to make it a little extra challenging, I will try to come up with four or five photo subjects which I haven’t really explored yet. This will probably be subjects along the line of reflections, shadows or perspective.
This week you can see the first April picture, focussing on Texture. I’ll explore this subject a little more next week & furthermore you’ll just have to wait and see what April has in store for you…

Most of this week’s pictures are a lovely shade of green, as they wrap up my March theme, called ‘This Amazing Technicolour Dream Life’. I hope you all enjoyed this month’s theme as much as I did. If you would like to see all March’s pictures together, feel free to have a look at my Pinterest account, where I collected them for your viewing pleasure;) https://www.pinterest.com/naomijansen/    You can also find my January & February pictures there.

Have yourself a great day & I hope to see you all again next week….