A photo a day 2015 – week 9

26) Y is for Yarn

26) Y is for Yarn

March. This is a time of subtle change. Sparkling white snowbells & perfectly purple crocuses stick out their fragile necks, while hailstorms share the stage with sudden showers of sunlight. High above, trees are budding, while birds bravely announce each early morning as the first of spring.
Tired of wearing layers, I make my way outside, forgetting my precious brown gloves. My fingers turn red, as the sky turns fifty shades of rain. I try to take a picture, pressing chilly fingers on black buttons. There is light & dark everywhere, both falling from the sky with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

I smile, because it’s March & there is promise all over the place. The air smells of new adventures, the road is begging for hiking boots & my mind is full of wandering.
Above all, it’s time for a new monthly theme for my 365 days photo project. And what better way to celebrate this unpredictable, yet promising month, which carries us from winter into spring, with an abundance of colour.                           Let’s call itThis Amazing Technicolour Dream Life

Not altogether sure of the shape of this new theme, I will leave you will a few images which will wrap up February & a small collection of multi-coloured images. And last but not least, a nice old-timer to get things off to a good, musical start.

Hope to see you next week, when I’ll have plenty of new, colourful images to share:)


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