A photo a day – week 6

5) D is for Detailed Drawing

5) D is for Detailed Drawing

Just the other day, as I took my all-time favourite novel down from the bookshelf to photograph the letter ‘E’, I realized just how happy it makes me to be photographing all these little treasures that make up the wonderful sum of all that I love.            I stood, thinking how lucky I am that there is so much to love & cherish and how glad I am that I’m able to still truly understand the enormous value of these seemly unimportant things. That the beauty of words can still take my breath away, that the value of a moment is hardly ever lost on me & that I can stare at the sky, delighted by the mysterious calling of the buzzards hovering overhead. Glancing at the many colourful snapshots that decorate the wall above my bed, I see so many happy memories, so many days spend with those I love & I feel immensely grateful & relieved that I could capture all these moment so that they may last a lifetime.

I can recommend it, you see, this lovely ‘challenge’; take a moment during your busy day to consider all the things/moments/emotions that make your life just that little better, brighter & worthwhile. Both small & big things; that one cake you can’t resist, that sunlight creating perfect silhouettes on the wall or that favourite television series someone somewhere far away thought to create especially for you. Those momentous things that make your heart sing, your soul celebrate & your mind burst with delight. Write about it, photograph it or merely think about it for the briefest of moments. And you’ll see for yourself how this little Alphabet of Things to Love will turn little things into great things in just a blink of an eye….:)


2 thoughts on “A photo a day – week 6

  1. Love your writing that goes with the beautiful photos. To see, to really notice the beauty of different things in life is a talent and yes, I gives an extra dimension on what may seem just a normal day. Thanks for sharing!

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