A photo a day -week 5

My sister's crocheting project:)

My sister’s crocheting project:)


Can you believe it? This year’s first month is over already, speeding by as months love to do. Which means the first few weeks of my project are behind me. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures & the writing so far. I certainly did, even though my ‘mornings’ theme turned out to be quite a challenge during a dark & rainy winter month. Most mornings the light was pretty poor & the weather was too bad to take the camera outside. But I made do & I guess I managed to bring the first few weeks of this project to a relatively good end.

In the meantime my sister has been working hard on her own crocheting project, producing an impressive stack of primula- flowers over the past few weeks. The pile of wool she started with is shrinking slowly, yet steadily & is turning into a multi-coloured collection of flowers. As you can see, on the pictures above, I’ve created a small collage of her hard work thus far, so none of you would have to miss out on all the beauty she’s creating…..

And last, but not least; February. A new month, a new theme. I know somewhere along the way I wrote that ‘Love’ was going to be my theme for February, but somewhere further up the road I figured that that wasn’t the most original idea in this Valentine month. That’s why I twisted the idea around a bit & decided to shoot ‘An Alphabet of Things to Love’ instead. Now there are a great many things that I love, far too many to fit into one single ABC. But just see it as the completely incomplete list of all the many things/people/ places which complete & compliment my life. My personal collection a small things of great value….

So, here we go…..An Alphabet of Things to Love

3 thoughts on “A photo a day -week 5

  1. lovely words and again beautiful pictures….last few days the mornings are cold, but less dark…this week I saw many many ‘roodborstjes’ while cycling through “het haagse bos’ and even saw a beautiful squirel…he or she stopped with whatever heor she was doing and sat upright..showing me his fluffy white stomach and stared at me with bright eyes like he was saying…goodmorning to you too…could you please slow it down a bit 🙂
    Cute to see and such a privalige to spot those small creatures in this busy city…..totally love these mornings.

    About the alphabet…great idea and love your choices.

    Love the crochet as well….beautiful colors and appreciate all the hard work…lovely


  2. Yes, February has started and we used already 4 days of this new short month. February gives us this year exactly 4 weeks. Thanks for the inside view in the crochet project. Beautiful colors and beautiful flowers, love the set up for the colorful photo.
    Mornings are gone and are getting lighter day by day, making place for things you love using the letters of the alphabet, maybe to discover that there are more things you love then there are letters.
    Thanks for the beautiful photo’s from week 5, cannot choose which one I loved the best, but to please my hairy friend, I’ll say The Cat!

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