A photo a day – week 3

15) mug

15) mug

Just another morning

Darkened windows. Curtains drawn. Arms stretched above sleepy heads.
Feet descending stairs. Water running from taps, splashing hands & faces.
Toothbrushes landing in cups. Hairs brushed. A quick glance.
Some shade here. A line there. A smile. A frown.
Children rushed from their beds. Getting dressed.
Sweaters pulled over weary minds; darkness and then light again.
Legs sliding into trousers. Cold feet begging for socks.
Coffee steaming in cups. Cereals tumbling into bowls.
Milk streaming from cartons. Bread buttered.
Cheese sliced. Lunchboxes packed.
Hopping onto bicycles. Running for the bus.
Jumping into cars. Heating & radio turned on, chasing dreams & the chill away.
News report falling into silent space, with minds floating sometimes here & sometimes there.
And sometimes not anywhere…

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