A photo a day – week 1

1) waking up

1) waking up

This year’s 365 day project starts the way all my projects tend to start; with a delay. And I can’t really claim I didn’t see 2015 coming, because Christmas came and went & that’s usually when the New Year isn’t that far anymore. It got announced loud & clear; fireworks exploded, showering colour & light everywhere. Wishing balloons, filled with promise, sailing through the starry sky. I stood at the window, witnessed it all & felt a mix of emotions. Gratitude, relieve, happiness & the moderate dose of anxiety I always seem to feel whenever one year slides into another. A year gone by & we’re all still here; healthy, hopeful & happy most of the time. And already a year stretching out in front of me; twelve months of unknown moments to live. It’s such a glorious, yet intimidating gift….

My sister & I said our bittersweet farewells to our Playmobil friends, rewarding them with front row seats on our windowsill, where they will continue to remind us of all the fun we had together. And now my sister ventures into a challenge of her own, one that includes crocheting (something my fingers & brain don’t seem too keen to learn ). She intends to crochet about 10 primula-flowers a week, merely using yarn that’s been laying around the house for as long as we can remember. This way she’ll make sure none of it will go to waste. The idea is to end up with enough flowers to make a colourful, cosy plaid at the end of the year.

And what about me? Well, I decided to stick to photography, because I can’t seem to part with that lovely camera of ours yet. One photo a day. Prompted by one subject a day. Should be doable. In fact it sounds so straightforward to me, that I started to wonder whether I should add something to this project to make it feel a little more challenging or personal. I don’t really like many of the subject-lists out there, somehow they don’t seem to inspire me. Then, when I found myself kind of unprepared on the 1st of January & I randomly shot some photos, I noticed that I came up with a theme myself. I ended up making a bunch of pictures early in the morning, when the light is golden & the air is fresh. Everything looks so promising & so full of anticipation. I just needed to capture that. And so this month’s theme was born; ‘mornings’ 

The idea is to come up with a list of themes for the months to come & then to make a list of prompt-words for those months. If you have any great idea’s for any of the coming months, don’t hesitate to let me know:)

As you might have noticed, January already started & my project hasn’t. So, to make things a little easier, I’ve decided to upload my 7 pictures & the words to go with them at the end of each week. That gives you something to look forward to every Wednesday…..

I hope I’ll be able to make a beautiful project out of this for all of you to enjoy…

5 thoughts on “A photo a day – week 1

  1. Dearest sister, happy New Year to you. I am quite excited to follow your new project, while I crochet away all the wool we could possibly find in our house. I believe in your new project, because I know that you can find beauty in all words & objects around us.

  2. First of all a very good, healthy and creative 2015 for you Naomi and your crocheting sister Saraï. Lots of luck and success for both of you for all you like to archive.
    Love the photo- project and enjoyed this first week. Cann’t even say with one I liked best, but I have have to choose I like the beautiful plate with the tasting looking piece of bread.
    I’m going to think about some words for this months and the next one, but I’ll start with key, coffee, toothpaste.

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