365 days project- week 47

No matter how many wonderful things they tend to bring, new beginnings are hardly ever easy. The fact that a beginning usually goes hand in hand with an ending doesn’t seem to make things any simpler. In week 47 our friends face a few challenges as they move from one place to the next, trading a place that they like for a place they don’t know. And even though they struggle to find their way, they sure try to make the best of it. And so they fall from one feeling into the next; sadness when leaving, triumph when reaching the other side of the garden, uncertainty when starting something new, happiness when the day breaks & mountains of affection for the things they love most.

Hope you like our update & hope to see you again next week!

365 days project- week 46

Outside autumn is stripping the trees bare; leafs gathering in the gutter, branches sticking into grey skies & determined gardeners franticly racking till their arms hurt. Then rain blows in; chasing the leafs & the people away.
Inside our friends turn the heating on, type until till their necks burn, reorganize papers, books & bits of life itself. They sing happy birthday; feeling both grateful & melancholic for the years which passed so beautifully, yet so quickly. Feeling exited & curious for what’s to come.
There is coffee, there are hugs &there is a game to play. And so, clouds & hours pass by .Work awaits, urging our friend to bundle up & cycle into the world outside, where autumn does what autumn does best.

Turn a little light on, pour yourself another steaming cup of tea & enjoy this week’s update!

365 days project – week 45

Saturday night & our weekly update…
Last Tuesday time got away from us once again, leaving us to wonder whether that was to be the new story of our lives.       For a moment our friends grumbled about it, but then decided not to let it get them down. Because what a wonderful, busy & fun filled week they had. Eventful days at work, but also lazy days out in the forest; walking & talking for hours on end, while finally taking the time to catch up with old familiar friends. There was so much to celebrate; a birthday, a wedding,       the beauty of Autumn itself…so many things to feel, share & think about.

Yes, this update might be a little late. But it’s filled with all the colourful memories we made in week 45 & hopefully it’s as heart-warming to see them as it has been to make them…

365 days project – week 44

Little by little time seems to be slowing down. There was a moment to celebrate, a moment to listen to our favourite songs while drinking too much tea & create new things from old things. There was a moment to fool about, chase monsters around the garden. A moment to put out fires & a moment to reminisce about it all.

Did time really slow down? Or maybe our friends were the ones slowing down, letting time run its busy course. Maybe they took a stand & decided it was their time to take a minute. Stand. Still. If only, for a moment.