365 days project – week 42 & week 43

Busy times. That certain time of the year when times seems to fall together into a mass of days leading towards the end of the year. The child in you want to stop & stare at the trees changing colors, the gorgeous autumn skies & the annual, yet astonishing changes that nature bring about.
But the rest of the world moves forward, urging you to wake up, work & stop wondering. They are all feeling it, these little friends of ours. Feeling a little tired. A tiny bit deflated even.

So they decide to turn back the clock; an hour, a moment, an entire week. They leave the house, stare at those trees, drink warm coffee & make plans which cheer them up. They connect & tune out. They inhale the fresh autumn air early in the morning & suddenly understand that they will be alright again.

Enjoy our update & see you again next week!

Week 42

Week 43

One thought on “365 days project – week 42 & week 43

  1. All of a sudden I realized that I started reading the blog and that something came in between, and I have forgotten to read the rest. Sorry for that. I love to read about daily life of all involved. Love the poems…Love Adam&Danny always busy and getting things back under control, The Cat and the Hat preparing the central heating for the winter to come, Wendy & Wilson always there for each other, keeping each other alive by making nice plans to look forward…I love all to read! Thanks.
    I also read and reread the nice chosen words at the beginning of your blog, so well chosen and so true. I could easily read a whole book with words like them. So bring it on…somewhere next year.

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