365 days project- Time got away from us

Lately, life has been busy; going to work, clearing the garden, making plans, changing those plans & living life.
Usually, we’re pretty good at keeping up. We plan & plot, we adjust & we enjoy.
But every so often, time slips away. It leaves us wondering what happened to the minutes, the hours & the days which we were planning to use to the max.

And this is what happened to us this week; time got away from us. Just like that…
So, there will be no update this week. Because it’s not finished yet. And because we feel a little too tired to fix it now.
And because a storm is coming & we want to make a hot pot of tea & sit on the couch, listening to the wind howling outside. We want to eat steaming plates of curry, watch our favourite programs, with nothing but nothing on our minds for a while.

Don’t worry , we’ll see you all again next week. And the good news is, that you’ll have a double update to look forward to. Hope to see you then….

2 thoughts on “365 days project- Time got away from us

    • we will just wait a tiny bit longer…as you pointed out…time flies by like crazy and within no-time a update will be there again. Are you sure it will be a dubble update….skipping one week isn’t an option?

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