365 days project- week 41

A busy week; seven days filled with hard work & long, lazy hours.Life happens & our friends find themselves in the midst of it. They dress for the cold, so that they may enjoy the autumn sun. They clean, cook & clear the garden.

This week has them feeling happy, then tired, then happy again. But just as they start to feel small & doubtful once more, they run into the giant within, showing them that they are so much stronger than they thought to could ever be.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

One thought on “365 days project- week 41

  1. Garden- activities running to an end, cleaning the house while wondering off, enjoying a good solid breakfast with pleasant talks,waiting for the weekend to come, eating a delicious moussaka with a finishing touch like apple crumble, warm clothes for windy and colder days and useless meetings in the middle of the day…it all makes a week, it all makes a life with ups and downs. So nice to be part of it through these little friends and this week with the special BIG friend. Thanks for being part of this life. It almost sounds like real life!!!

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