365 days project – week 40

It’s autumn everywhere & all around. Rain streaming down the windows, leafs drifting towards the wet earth. Some of our friends set off into this new, chilly world; clearing the garden & buying ingredients for their wholesome meals. Others stay inside, stroking their cat or simply enjoying the setting sun.

Week 40; one day late, but I guess we all know how time gets away from us sometimes…I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same!


One thought on “365 days project – week 40

  1. I admire the fact that you keep track of all the activities that are going on each week. The physiotherapist, world-animal day, healthy comforting food, hard working in a colorful garden, golden light at the end of a day, onions enough to make you cry and at the end of the week, leave all the dust behind on a strong doormat. Legs up, a new, fresh week is starting!

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