365 days project – week 39

Time is flying by; one week melting into the next. Summer had officially left the country & autumn made its grand entrée. Our little friends each find their own way to make the very best of every day that passes; ticking boxes on their elaborate to-do-lists, leaving their lists when the situation calls for it & never forgetting to seize the hours, the minutes & all of the greatest moments…

Hope you all had a lovely week too & see you again soon!

365 days project – week 38

Good food, sweet delights & soothing songs; after a crazy, busy workweek our friends gratefully rolled into the weekend & pampered themselves with delicious coffee, relaxing strolls & late night conversations. For some these days of leisure were enough to recover , while other needed an extra day to recharge their batteries.

Please take a seat, put your favorite album on & enjoy this week’s update…

A piece of land to call my own



It’s just me & the birds. The flowers & the bumblebees. The dark soil & the bright light.
The weeds that keep growing. The butterflies who keep searching. The world which keeps spinning. And I who may take a moment to listen to a thousand leafs composing the sound of silence in the trees above my head .

Sitting here, I feel so much richer than I really am.

I wrote these lines weeks ago, as I sat in our wilderness-kitchen-garden, enjoying the fresh air & realizing how privileged I am to have a piece of land to call my own.
At the start of this gardening season I planned to write a weekly update about our efforts in the garden, complete with pictures & hopefully some inspiring words to accompany them. But as it goes with plans, or at least with most of my plans, the updates never happened. Days went by, weeks became months; the spring came & left again. Summer gave us sun & showers. The garden was abuzz with bees & bumblebees, while we discovered the biggest snails we had ever seen. We ate more zucchinis than we thought to be humanly possible, enjoyed the sweetest corn straight from the cob & stir fried the squeakiest green beans at dinnertime. Flowers & mint grew plentiful; I took them home with me, made tea which tasted like summer & placed small, colorful bouquets on the windowsill to brighten up the living room.

We worked; sometimes hard, sometimes organized, sometimes haphazardly. We pull this weed, left another. We learned to ignore meaningful raised eyebrows whenever a seasoned gardener wondered down our path, while we took aboard some of their sound advice & heartfelt compliments. We battled snails & when we grew tired of battling them, we invited them to gather on the compost heap & fed them green leftovers.
And while we enjoy the summer, the garden, the rain & the heat, I guess I never made it to the computer to write this update, to sort out the pictures or to process our progress. I believe I was too busy living the life I was planning to document…


365 days project – week 37

Better late than never; our friends ran into some technical problems tonight, but nothing they couldn’t handle. With a hand full of hazelnuts, some all-round knowledge & their sheer determination, they’ve made sure you can all enjoy this week’s stories.
Stories about preserving the past & living in the present, about walks with wildlife & gardening on the wild side…

Hope you’ll enjoy!

365 days project – week 36

What a lovely week we had, filled with good company, colorful trips & early morning walks. The poor cat was the only one who didn’t have a great time, but she was brave at the vet & relieved to come home not much later. The house got cleaned, breakfast got served & blood was spilled;) The days flew by & we had a good time…

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s update!

365 days project – week 35

The end of August; pumpkins turns orange before their time, while leafs fall to the ground everywhere we look. One moment we’re caught in the rain, the next we’re cuddled up on the couch with chocolate as our best friend. Preparing our feet for the days to come, we climb into new shoes & wonder from one day to the next. Sometimes working, sometimes resting & always living…

Here is this week’s story, called week 35