365 days project -week 33 & 34

After two weeks, our little friends are back, ready to tell you their stories once again.
The holiday was over before they knew it, filled with rainy days, long bike rides, muddy walks & the usual work in the wilderness that is their kitchen garden. How great to stay up a little longer to watch their favorite program, how lovely to postpone cooking to sometime later & how heavenly to sleep in longer than 5.30 a.m.

Some may feel this holiday should last forever, not quite ready to get back to the reality of writing reports, filling the cupboards & unblocking the occasional sink. Then there are those who effortlessly juggle between what is real & what’s not; discovering magic in the ordinary, while making imagination part of their everyday lives. And last, but not least, there are one or two who’re keen on getting back in the saddle, eager to lend a helping hand to all weary holiday makers on their way back to work…

And we….we are just happy to share this colorful update with you & of course hope to see you again next week!



2 thoughts on “365 days project -week 33 & 34

  1. no comments yet? I loved it again and was a joy to read and to watch….keep on writing! By the way….Wilson, great job…saving that poor lady in the station 🙂 And since I joined you on a holiday I can honestly say that those cycling days were wet but fun as well

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